A Short, Lazy Wander in The Pentlands


Sometimes I forget what is on my doorstep, but a coat of snow on the Pentland Hills drew my attention and rather than head further afield for a bit of fresh air and some views, I opted to go for walk along the top of the closest hills to Edinburgh, the Pentlands. I wasn’t feeling energetic though and had set off expecting to get the chairlift up the hill, only recent wind damage to it saved me from such laziness as it was not running. Instead I wandered up the steep slope with numerous breaks to turn and admire the view over Edinburgh and across the Firth of Forth to Fife and out eastwards as far as North Berwick.


A great light effect was evident with a narrow, dark band of cloud sitting over Fife and warm light on Edinburgh itself in front of this.

I reached the top and had views open up to the south over a much more agricultural and rural scene with green fields similarly lit, contrasting with the higher, snow covered ground around them. A nice place to linger and even though a relatively popular spot, it was quite pleasant to linger and enjoy the shifting light and visibility as the breeze moved the lowest cloud about the hill tops. I never ventured too far just wandering about the top of Caerketton Hill and thinking back on the last time I had been here, a couple of winters ago for a cold, overnight bivvy.




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