Wintry Bivvy in Gleann Mhairc

Inspired by a previous bivvy and a more recent walk passing by Gleann Mhairc, we headed for the pleasant confines of Gleann Mhairc for another night under the tarp and the stars.


Glen Tilt


Gleann Mhairc

Memories and photos had hinted at useful places to get pitched up, but it took as a fair bit of wandering about to find something that would actually work well at keeping the tarp off our faces and give us a comfy and dry sleeping surface.


As expected there was a very fresh breeze and we worked to engineer a setup that would keep us sheltered from the wind at one end, quite successfully as it happens, and with no trees used for high anchors, we managed to get a decent amount of head room with just one pole.

That done, we opted to explore further up the glen rather than ascend the adjacent hill, Carn a’ Chlamain. Sunlight and a little warmth were savoured at every stop, and there were a lot of them. We didn’t get all the way up and after a couple of hours headed back to base.



Still a good bit of daylight left, was it too early to get the fire going or would we regret that later with fuel burned up too early? We hung off a while till the dropping temperature made the decision for us. Dinner on, fire on and every layer on too. A very pleasant evening feeding the firebox with kindling and coal to stay warm. Every short venture away from the fire resulted in shivering, which was resolved by close proximity to the fire.


A gorgeous starry night and the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter were all out for company too.


Fire, Moon, Venus and … glostick


Firebox warmth beneath the stars (Orion above)

We should have started the fire sooner after all, as we ended up being defeated by tiredness, but good to know how far just a little coal will prolong a fire for future reference.


A good night’s sleep had, we awoke as forecast to grey skies, but not quite the heavy snow forecast. A quick breakfast and camp struck before retreat back down Glen Tilt had us back in good time for a hot bowl of soup, lovely!




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