Blair Atholl Bike n’ Hike

Another foray in to (and above) Glen Tilt, which fitted with a desire to combine a cycle and walk like that of my previous trip in to the hills.

Just over 8km of slightly undulating track took me up Glen Tilt to the start of my ascent of Carn a’ Chlamain, the highest hill on the Glen’s northeastern side.

I hadn’t quite expected such an easy path up, so easy I was burning my lungs and calves out with my progress. Soon though the gradient eased off and with numerous stops to take in the hazy views I recovered. Views up top were shortened by the conditions, but were still nice and I could still pick out lots of places I’ve been recently and in past few years over lunch.





Detouring slightly, I headed across the high ground to a point I thought I might be able to see a famous bothy from, one that was obscured by a peak from Carn a’ Chlamain’s summit. The walk to the bothy itself did appeal, but would have involved 18km all in (much over rough ground) instead of 6km back to my bike, sadly something I didn’t have enough time for.


My descent had me facing directly in to the wall of the southeastern side of the glen, a steep slope, riddled with gullies and crags – not something I remembered from a cycle trip a few years ago.



After dropping back down in to Glen Tilt by a more rugged track to the north, I sauntered along the 4km of the glen, passing waterfalls and friendly ponies before picking up the bike for the ride out. A swift trip, much easier on the feet than another 8km of tramping would have been, but sore and tiring in a different way on arms not used to cycling on rough tracks.






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