Stob an Aonaich Mhoir Bike n’ Hike

Originally (years back) I had intended walking this hill from the Loch Garry side, but the rough ground that would have to be traversed put me off and reluctantly I accepted I’d probably opt for the less interesting approach from the south instead.


That day had finally come and I found myself cycling up the road to the eastern flank of Stob an Aonaich Mhoir, wondering how my younger, fitter self would have dealt with the ascent. Despite how slowly I felt I was cycling, it only took an hour to reach the point where the walking took over, and form there, having gained so much height, only another half an hour to reach the summit.




Finally, after at least half a dozen ascents in the area, I got a good view over the whole length of Loch Ericht and across to Ben Alder. The summit is a great spot to linger and for half an hour I listened to three or four herds of deer involved in the rut, and admired the views. After a while I could make out some deer below me. One seemed to have left that group but was either reviewing the situation he had just left or was waiting for others to follow him up the hill. None came though and later I saw him crossing to another hill on his own, on my own descent back to my bike.






Though I had felt the effort on the way in, I was still surprised at the steepness of the road and blasted out in less than half the time despite getting a puncture on the way. Great fun!



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