Windy and Wet


A weekend of walking was somewhat curtailed by high winds and wet conditions, but Blackwater Reservoir, above Kinlochleven, provided a lowish walk with interest for us.


After a pleasant ascent from the village up to the top of the power station’s water pipes, things leveled off and we even had the option of taking the smoothest path along the water culvert to the dam.


Signs of the recent rainfall were evident in the river and in the water spilling over the dam. After a brief stop at the cemetery for the workers who died during the dam’s construction, we continued on to the dam and were caught out there by gusting winds and snow. Views over the reservoir looked particularly bleak as we sheltered behind a nearby building as we had lunch.


Our intended walk taking in both sides of the River Leven was denied us by the high water below the dam resulting in us returning to Kinlochleven by the same route.




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