Retreat (or not) on Beinn an Lochain

Just over 10 years since my last visit to this hill, which seems hard to believe.

A cold start had us wrapped up early, but this hill’s northeastern ridge is served by a tiered path, which lends itself to a friendly pace and not too much overheating.

We passed two groups who had turned back rather than tackle a section of steep snow / ice and wondered if we might have to too. However, though it looked exposed, there were nice big bucket steps all the way up and it was good to be getting the most out of crampons after so long without having to use them.

This is an interesting hill, especially up top with good views of similar ones concentrated nearby and with good views too to those isolated ones further away like Cruachan and Ben More on Mull. There was quite a murky haze in the distance and so Ben More was only just visible because of the contrast of its own white coating.

From the summit we opted to continue with a loop rather than retracing steps, descending fairly directly to the Rest-and-Be-Thankful car park.

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