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Glen Coe and Glen Etive in Autumn

Posted in Hills, Photography with tags , on October 29, 2013 by Jinja Coo

A drive home through Glen Coe with a diversion to see Glen Etive’s waterfalls swollen by heavy rain. Both glens were very moody places and the light was changing all the time with the wind blowing the clouds about swiftly. Rain put paid to me lingering by the River Etive for long and getting any photos of the falls on it, I must buy an umbrella!

One of those days where every layby gives rise to a dilemma on whether to stop or not and sometimes regret at having just continued on and missing out on what might have been a nice view.








21st to 22nd of August, 2010 – Scrambles in Glen Coe

Posted in Climbing, Hills with tags on August 22, 2010 by Jinja Coo


A planned crossing of the Aonach Eagach had to be abandoned due to forecast high winds in which, a group of people new to the route would be lead across it in order to gain some experience in scrambling and exposure in preparation for a forthcoming visit to An Teallach.

As the intended route was no longer an option and the forecast so bad, a smaller group of us decided on a scramble up Dinner Time Buttress on the west side of Aonach Dubh which seemed a more sheltered and shorter option. Great decision! We had an entirely dry day with some buffeting from the wind but no issues and great views out to Loch Leven and beyond as well as over to a shrouded Aonach Eagach.

We dropped down below the east side of Aonach Dubh then walked along beside the road which felt surprisingly hard going at the end of such a short day out.

The rest of the group joined us in the evening for food, beers and social.

A wetter day forecast and with the aim of getting some scrambling experience introduced to the members of the group who missed out the day before, we opted for an ascent of Beauchaille Etive Mor by Curved Ridge – an old favourite of mine. I think this was my seventh or eighth time on this route but it occurred to me along the way that in all those times, I’ve only been on the ridge once when it was dry. Today was not one of the dry ones by a long way.

Wet from soon after leaving the path, we were distracted from the misery of heavy drizzle and rain by the task at hand. Most of the difficulties were no problem but we did rope up for one section having experienced slick, wet rock further below.

We topped out to dryness and clearing views in much the same way as on my first time on this route and as we descended after a short lunch the weather improved all the way.

31st of May, 2010 – Traverse of Glen Coe’s Southern Hills

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We actually intended to do this walk the previous day but were lucky to have waited and were rewarded with a glorious, sunny and still day with great views in all directions from Argyll’s highest mountain, Bidean nam Bian.

Although I have been up this hill twice before and in to the Lost Valley beneath it a few times, we both covered new terrain at either end of this walk by traversing three of Bidean’s tops; Stob Coire nam Beith, Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamhach.

30th August, 2008 – Ascent of Curved Ridge

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Another trip up my favourite route on my favourite mountain.

5th July, 2008 – A Traverse of the Aonach Eagach Ridge

Posted in Hiking, Hills with tags on July 5, 2008 by Jinja Coo

Anne, Andrew H., Tomas and I headed up to Glen Coe for a planned attempt at traversing the Aonach Eagach ridge on the glen’s north side.

At the car it seemed slighty breezy and cool for July but gaining height the wind seemed to be gaining strength and was gusting to the point that before the top we were already discussing alternatives to the full traverse. These were along the lines of going part way along the ridge before the difficulties and back or going west in the direction of the Devil’s Staircase and back to the car. However, the wind weakened early on once we were on the ridge and never caused any problems thereafter. Likewise, the darkest of the clouds hanging round the hills early on in the day, stayed well away and only the lightest rain fell on us late on.

A brilliant route and a great day out.