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Mull, Staffa and Iona

Posted in Trips, Wildlife with tags , , , on April 22, 2014 by Jinja Coo

A full day of driving, boating and walking to get ourselves out to Staffa on a puffin hunt.

We drove to Oban to board the Mull-bound ferry and then on to a bus with good commentary from Craignure over to Fionnphort where our tour boat would carry us onwards to Staffa itself. An hour on land there was followed by the return journey to Iona where a longer stopover allowed a visit to the famous Abbey. Then the journey in reverse with the lowering sun casting a very different light on the hills and water all around us. A stunning day with barely a cloud in the sky and just a slight chill in the breeze.

















In terms of wildlife, along the way we saw; two otters (we think) one from the car and one from the bus, countless heron, seals, two golden eagles flying together, a sea eagle, eiders – on and under the water – from above on Staffa’s cliffs, shags, guillemots, fulmars, gulls, deer and … thankfully puffins too. Not on land yet, but rafted up together just off of Staffa. They are possibly waiting till enough of them are gathered for safer burrowing later on as there were no burrows at all on land that we could see yet.

One unexpected critter was some kind of mouse, darting about the beach on Iona, which seemed to be completely oblivious to the risk it was running being so exposed to gulls and crows who were taking an interest. It was relocated to some scrub at the head of the beach but refused to take cover and possibly didn’t last much longer.

13th to 15th November, 2009 – Trip to Mull and Iona

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Spent Saturday getting to and visiting Iona and its Abbey, we also braved the winds and took in the views up on the island’s highest point.

On the Sunday, we set off on a walk we had found out about the previous evening; an interesting route on the north west of Mull which would follow a section of coast and give good views of the Treshnish Isles (and more further away), pass abandoned villages and an old illicit still housed in a partially concealed cave.

10th to 12th April, 2009 – ‘Wee’ drive up to Arisaig then through Ardnamurchan to Mull

Posted in Trips with tags on April 12, 2009 by Jinja Coo

An intended camping trip at Arisaig became a mini tour of part of the west of Scotland taking in Arisaig, Ardnamurchan and the Isle of Mull.


Having seen no petrol stations along the way and getting really low, we made the not-so-cheap decision to get the ferry over to Mull if it was running. That way we would be able to visit one of our favourite places and fill up too, it all makes sense really! Once in Tobermory, we enjoyed a nice fish supper in glorious sunshine (along with half the town it seemed) then carried on along the north coast to a great wee camping spot at Calgary Bay. Really nice night to sit at the beach with a setting sun and bottle of wine and soon the stars were out and the sheep and birds settling down for the night.

31st May to 1st June, 2008 – Isles of Mull and Staffa

Posted in Hiking, Hills, Trips with tags on May 31, 2008 by Jinja Coo

A visit to the Isle of Mull was supposed to be part of my trip round the north west of Scotland a few weeks earlier but with all I had done along the way I would have less than a day on the island. Not only did this seem to be a waste of the ticket, but it meant there wouldn’t be a night in Tobermory to enjoy nor could much of the island be explored either so I postponed the visit.

The weather forecast was good for the Saturday and so we opted to walk up Ben More and get good clear views then reward our hard walk in Tobermory with good eating, drinking and hopefully some live music too. Our intention for the Sunday was a boat trip out of Tobermory to hopefully see some wildlife and then squeeze in a visit to Erraid, a tidal island just south of Iona.


Our plans for Saturday stood firm and we had a great walk with some mild scrambling along the ridge, stunning views in all directions; isles of Jura, Islay, Tiree, Coll Staffa, Ulva, Rum etc plus loads on the mainland clearly visible, and a wee refreshing dip at the end in a pool with a waterfall. Bliss!

Afterwards, in Tobermory, we did have a feed and some drinks and watched an otter in the harbour preening itself (or was it scratching midge bites?) before listening to the first of two songs from a band who had taken so long to set up and get going, we were too knackered to stay for more.